AI: Artificial Intelligence resources you need to check out (updated Jan 2024)

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it can already provide a number of very handy uses for real life purposes, not only for academia and research.
Dive into this ever-growing collection of websites and tools!

Chat GPT by OpenAI – The most versatile (and talked-about)
Probably the most perfect AI Chat response system to date… answering coherently to most questions (even complex ones). You can even ask it to create code for you!

OpenAI AI text checker
While it seems almost impossible to 100% identify a text as AI-written, OpenAI has trained a model to try to sift the cheaters. Watch out for AI Police! :)

OpenAI ChatGPT Alternatives–leader-in-2022-but-could-google-supersede-it-in-23

Create the most amazing images (any style, even realistic) of anything you can imagine and type – Probably the BEST AI imaging tool to date
(the featured image for this blog post was generated by this AI, by asking it to create “the featured image of a blog post about AI, with a futuristic city in the background”)

AI generated image

OpenAI’s own Image Generator (same DALL-E engine of Midjourney)

Designer (by Microsoft – also DALL-E engine)

Create images from text (by Google)

Improve Photos

Extract knowledge from books (by Google)

Turn your photos into professional headshots!

Are you a designer? Let AI choose the right font for you

Ask AI to identify an object

Use AI to find the right name for your next project

AI created faces (these people don’t exist!)

Guess the drawing

Personal writer

Remove objects from photos

Windows 11
Copilot & Dev Home

Content Generation, Text and Images Tools

AI prompt Marketplaces

Tryton AI
This AI will take your every day photos and product incredible professional headshots for you.

Facebook has dove into an interesting use of AI: speech manipulation (noise removal, fully AI generated text to speech, speech corrections).