Counters: (Facebook) Twitter & RSS

, Counters: (Facebook) Twitter & RSS, Shambix

Just a little script to show a Twitter account’s followers count and a Feedburner subscribers count.

In the zip file you’ll also find the images that will contain the counters, a basic css and all the code needed.

If you want them to be all in the same line you could, for example, add a float:left; to their divs.

Remember to replace, in both index.php and counters.php code your Twitter and Feedburner accounts.

Facebook like counter is not in the package, simply because you can get directly the official code from them.

You can obviously use this script anywhere, in case of a static one, just change the page extension from .html/.htm to .php.

In case of a dynamic or CMS site, the contents of counters.php can be directly copied in the file functions.php of your current template (if you are using WordPress that is, otherwise in the file that provides all the basic features for your template); the contents of counters.css can be copied to style.css (again, in WordPress, otherwise simply in your template’s main css file) and from the file index.php (just the part about the counters, not everything else), in whatever page you want the counters to be displayed.

That’s how it will look like (if you add float:left; too):

, Counters: (Facebook) Twitter & RSS, Shambix

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