[yellow]Latest Version is 2.7.2
Soon iSlidex will be updated with new features and new themes.

iSlidex is a WordPress Plugin that will showcase, in a cool style, images taken from posts in a specific category.

This is not a gallery plugin! If you want a gallery inside a post or page to show images take from 1 single post or page, do not use this. This plugin shows 1 image taken from each post inside a category, not all the images inside 1 post or page!
It is indeed a slideshow plugin, completely automated once you set the number of slides you would like to feature, the size and the category from where iSlidex will pull the images from.
You can decide also whether to have nice semi-transparent captions, with the title of the post for each slide.
iSlidex comes with a widget, which can be set independently from the main slider, from the same settings page, however we do recommend the use of the plugin only inside big sidebars, in order to be displayed in the best way.
Every image is resized and cached automatically, and you dont have to worry about server load or manual image editing.
Also, we optimized the code for better SEO, so that every image has its alt and titles attributes and we have added compatibility with qTranslate plugin.
Islidex also comes with different slideshow themes to choose from!

Cross-browser compliant: Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome 4+, Opera 10+.
Wordpress 3.1+ compliant.
iSlidex is powered by jQuery.

For a demo, click here.

Downloaded 47,231 times


[blue]Importan Notice
Please understand that this is a free plugin and we cannot provide free custom assistance. Contact us ONLY if you want to report critical bugs OR if you would like us to customize iSlidex for a fee. If you need support, please use the WordPress forums or comment this post, but first make sure you have read ALL of the instructions and FAQ.


1. Upload the folder islidex to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugin’ list in WordPress
3. Set up the slider and widget through the iSlides settings page, that you can reach through the left ‘Settings’ box
4. If you would like to customize the look and feel of iSlidex, you can upload your own islidex.css to your own template folder
5. To customize exactly what slide/thumb to show add the custom fields islidex_slide and/or islidex_thumb + the direct link to the image you can as slide or thumbnail

Posts and Pages

Use these:

<?php show_islidex(); ?> directly in your template or [php]show_islidex()[/php] directly in the post, if you use also the plugin PHP Shortcode

If all the above codes don’t work, it could be because specific settings, plugins and/or templates can influence WordPress behaviour. Please leave a comment stating your issue and we will do our best to help.

Custom different slideshows

This functionality was added to let you have several slideshows, in different pages and posts, with all different values if you want (rather than having only the one you set from the admin panel).

[islidex_custom cat=3 num=5 w=450 h=200 theme=1] in posts e pages

<?php show_customislidex(3,5,450,200,1); ?> to use directly inside the template code
[php]show_customislidex(3,5,450,200,1); [/php] to use in the content, if you use also the plugin PHP Shortcode

The function parameters here (3,5,450,200,1) are only as an example so replace them with your own numbers, this is what they represent in order:
cat = the category you want to showcase
num = the number of slides you want
w = of the slider, without “px”
h = of the slider, without “px”
theme = number of the theme you want (1 is Apple, 2 is Nivo, 3 is Piecemaker, 4 is Timeline)

iSlidex Themes

As of version 1.8 iSlidex has themes you can choose from for your slider, but you can still create your own islidex.css to put in your own theme folder, to control even more the look and feel of the slider.
More themes may be added in the next versions, so if you made a theme you want to share, just comment this post and we’ll get in touch.

Themes currently available are:


Piecemaker 3D



iSlidex uses the allmighty Timthumb script, so that every image is resized and cached automatically, and you dont have to worry about server load or manual size input every time.


Please check the FAQ page from WordPress, or the Forum.


Credits to TutorialZine for the Apple slider.
Credits to Brian Reavis for Captify.
Credits to Tim McDaniels for TimThumb.
Credits to Dev7Studios for the Nivo slider.
Credits to ModularWeb for the Piecemaker 3D slider.

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