3 febbraio 2013

WordPress Plugin: Hot’n'Cold

Hot’n'Cold shows a different colored badge for every post, depending if the post is “hot”, “medium” or “cold”, based on Jetpack post views.

The plugin requires Jetpack to be installed, activated and connected to your WordPress.com account.

The typical/full code that you need to add to your theme, wherever you want the badge to display is <?php shambix_hotposts(200,100,50,true,true,false); ?>
The code MUST be used inside the Loop.

You can customize the code with these parameters, in order:

  • n. of views for the post to be “hot” (default: 200)
  • n. of views for the post to be “medium” (default: 100)
  • n. of views for the post to be “cold” (default: 50)
  • if “hot”, display badge? (default: true)
  • if “medium”, display badge? (default: true)
  • if “cold”, display badge? (default: false)

We use a css file to style the badges, as they are fully made out of CSS3, no images, however we don’t provide any specific layout (floating, alignment, etc), that way you are free to customize them the way you want, by using the div class hotncold in your own theme style.css

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Look of the badges

The default badges are:
- “hot”: comes in red and displays the text “HOT!”
- “medium”: comes in green and displays the text “Popular”
- “cold”: comes in blue and displays the text “Read Me!”

As of now, you can only edit the text by going directly in the plugin file hotncold.php

Custom CSS

You can customize the badges from the hotncold.css file in the plugin folder, if you want to add images instead of using CSS3.
However, if you update the plugin those changes will be lost.
If you simply want to make the badges bigger or change font (stylistic changes), we advise you do that in your theme style.css instead, using the div class hotncold.
You may want to add !important to your CSS statements, if after customizing the div class hotncold you see no change.

Credits to the Twitter Bootstrap Framework for the badges/labels’ CSS.

We provide support for this free plugin’s bugs but we don’t give any free support for individual customization, if you need some specific work done for your website, contact us at info@shambix.com and we will get back to you with a quote and timeframe.


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